About MaryTess


Mixed media artist MaryTess Mayall began her artistic journey in the rolling Mediterranean hills of Provence, France. As the teenage daughter of an ex-pat programmer from Sacramento, California, she was thoroughly enamored with the authentic pace and deep cultural history of the region. 

She honed her style and creative voice at Fresno State University, where she majored in Studio Art (with an emphasis in Painting and Drawing), and minored in French, graduating in 2010. The next five years she spent in California’s Bay Area, working full-time as a Nanny for the Harbaugh family by caring for their three school-age children. During this time, one of her favorite hobbies was exploring flea markets, thrift stores and rare book shops.  With each book, she started to foster a fascination for turn of the century diagrams and illustrations.

Since moving back to her hometown in Granite Bay during the summer of 2015, MaryTess has dedicated herself to pursuing a career as a visual artist.  She stays true to her artistic vision by continuing to experiment with mixed media layers and her historical subject matter.  MaryTess’ style conveys the depth of culture and history so central to her life.

MaryTess currently lives and works amidst the many hiking trails and natural beauty of the California Foothills, along with her high school sweetheart, Mike, and her studio sidekick, a dog named Zuzu. She continually seeks to hone her craft and share it with others, staying true to the love and inspiration she found amidst the din of cicadas and the scent of lavender.